Do super-hot women ever date/consider really shy guys, ever?

Do super-hot women ever date/consider really shy guys.. ever?



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  • Shy or introverted? I ask about which one because people commonly (and frustratingly so, lol) connect the two when they aren't mutually exclusive.

    Shy infers that the person has some kind of discomfort with either socializing with others/having attention on them, a discomfort with themselves, or both. Introversion is simply a person that doesn't feel the need to express themselves outwardly, as they have an internal dialogue that happens naturally and before any thought of being outward ever happens (among other things).

    If the first, unlikely. Of course it's always possible, but shyness is connected with insecurity and lack of self-confidence, which aren't very alluring traits. If you mean introversion, then yes it's much more possible. You still have to mesh with the person, and have the chance to show you're comfortable and confident. But introverts, once known to people, really just become known as having a more stoic nature and that's the quirk to them. But if I'm any proof, my lady-thing is a fox (and an extrovert), but I apparently did something right to get her to do couple stuff with lol.

    Also I'd like to add, if you're asking this about yourself, I'd advise you to not go looking for girl because she's hot or not. Just like you don't want to be known as "that shy person" because you know you have more to offer, don't make a girl's defining trait be how she looks or that she is just a pretty face to you. She may be more, but pointing out looks like that tends to cover up whatever else you may like about her. Girls aren't your toys, so chasing after "super hot" ones simply for that is a bit low.

    • Shy. I search for physical comparability. I am simply not attracted to women who are not physically like me. It's not something I can help.

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    • You asked for if I was shy or introverted. I'm shy. The last part... the same way men or women are just attracted to another it's the same with me. I have no interest in women who are not as physically attractive as me. I look for physical compatibility first, then personality, same as anyone else, but my standards are higher because I am different. The same way people are just attracted to others, I am also not attracted to certain females. No amount of reasoning will change that.

    • Oh I getcha.

      Well what I said still applies. I have standards, you have standards, we all have standards. I think people often get confused when people say to not look entirely for physical aspects in a relationship. I'm not saying ditch your standards. I'm just saying that if your priorities are to find a hot girl, whatever type of person she may be, isn't all that effective or worthwhile.

      Her being attractive to you is a given. But if your #1 priority is a hot girl, then yeah...


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  • To be honest, I really do not believe I have ever seen a "super-hot" girl (other than in pictures or films). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course... but I've not met someone who physically adds up to what you're speaking of. With such a rare "breed," nearly no one can say that they've dated one, shy or not. At the same time, I have yet to meet an ugly girl. I think people really need to be open to considering beauty in less conventional forms.

    Introversion is a perfectly acceptable personality trait, and it is not a deterrent. That said, it is some of the "sub-attributes" that sometimes accompany shyness that can discourage people. A large detail that you must pay attention to, for any possible relationship (love interest or simply a friend), is to not allow your shyness to appear as dislike and aversion... you would be surprised how many, both men and women, are at fault for that (including myself).

  • It's not the shyness that's a problem, it's the lack of communication.

    How would a hot girl develop feelings for a guy who is too afraid of talking to her? We understand nervousness by all means but if you won't come talk to us or having a conversation with you is like pulling teeth then there's really no way we can develop an attraction that isn't purely physical.

  • You should ask a really hot girl


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  • Most people on this site or not the kinds of people you should be asking why don't you go ask one of them, super hot babes

  • No. They like strong, confident men.