Would a guy ever date a 'big' girl by choice?

I wouldn't call myself fat but I am chubby and I want to know if guys would ever go for a chubby girl by choice. I know you are always hearing about these men who date 'big' girls but I have yet to meet one:)


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What Guys Said 1

  • there are certain people that go after the curves specifically...even to be a bit large...just depends. More guys do go for the skinny types but not as much as the media would have us believe. Personally I find the face/eyes much more important. Someone that isn't my favorite body type but still has a genuine warmth/happiness about them are still very appealing to me. Personality lasts forever...body does not.


What Girls Said 1

  • absolutely! there are some guys who are kind of creepy about it, and some who are perfectly normal! I'm about 30 or 40 lbs overweight, but I'm muscular...i do have big thighs, big hips, and quite a bit of a stomach...but nothing overwhelming. I think I still look good in a bikini...albeit not awesome like slim girls do. I personally wish I were just a bit slimmer and more in shape(I do love my curves though! I just wish they were a little less pronounced). my boyfriend, on the other hand, loves me just for who I am and even encourages me to eat. not in a weird, masochistic feeding me constantly type way, but in the sense of a guy who likes a girl who doesn't just get salad when they go out, who can polish off a whole t-bone, who is perfectly happy spending a night in with a movie and a stick of cookie dough...and I couldn't be happier and neither could he. I waited 18 years to find someone who loved and cared about me for who I was. sure, at 17 I found guys who wanted to stick it in me, but none of them wanted to pursue a relationship like my current boyfriend and I are doing. just wait it out and you WILL find someone who is right for you.