Tried keeping my options open but failed, now she has a rebound man. Help!

Hello, an ex and I recently stopped talking. I'm in college and she is working. Well we dated for about 2 years, but the whole time her insecurities would drive me crazy. I couldn't speak to another person without her getting mad and randomly trying to break up with me, so finally I decided to keep my options open (not going on dates but never saying I hard a girlfriend until someone brought it up.) Well basically she found out and we broke up but got back together, now we broke up again, but she got a rebound guy and starting saying how he is the best thing in the world so I decided to try a rebound too, but it didn't work but she seems to be really interested in this guy but he is a jail bird. Mind you that I was her first for everything under the sun, now she seems happy. I'm happy she found someone to make her happy, but I feel like crap down inside. I tried speaking to her but she ignored my messages. Could she actually fall for someone so quickly and so hard after such an ugly break up with her first? I tried but I just can't do it. I miss her. Any suggestions or thoughts about the situation? Is she just playing with my emotions or really could like this guy even though he isn't doing a thing in life besides smoking while I'm going to law school next semester? Thanks for listening!


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  • Well, first you gotta admit you gotta admit you've got some share of fault. If she's insane, or insecure, and that would get on your nerves often, then you should have broken up sooner with her.

    About the new guy, if it's a rebound, it'll eventually fall apart. What you gotta do, is enjoy your single life. Personally, I think that girls who go on rebound relationship are not worth it, since it only proves they're not strong enough to heal alone, and they're not emotionally stable, since they might fall for anyone at any second.

    My advice to you: forget about her. If she's "happy" with someone else, and especially someone who seems to be a bum, then that's what she deserves. And it doesn't mean you can't be happy too, whether you are single or not. Missing someone after a long relationship is common, but you must realize that there are plenty of girls out there who might be right for you, and deserve a chance. Let her go, be happy with yourself and just move on with life.

    And who knows? Maybe someday she'll realize she screwed up, and want to take you back. But you'll be waaaay over her :D


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  • If you were to get back together, you guys would have the same exact problems. It didn't work out the first...or second time. Why would the third be any different? I think you miss her because she seems to not miss you. Wether she is trying to make you jealous or really likes this guy, I have no opinion. You may actually miss her a bit because you dated so long, but you realized at some point she wasn't for you, right? She still isn't. Maybe she is for this guy. Just be happy for the crazy lady and enjoy law school! Lots of fishes my friend! However... There's a lot of dead ones too. Leave the dead ones alone

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  • She's batshit crazy. You get dumped for not immediately telling every everyone you have a gf

    Yea, you should've brown p with her instead of keeping yor options open. Options one is fr when our single. A relationship mean you chose an option.

    But even so. She's insane you should by allowed to talk t others without pissing her off.

    She's trying to make you jealous. Just ignore her. Move on and cut contact