I haven't heard from my boyfriend in two weeks. Should I be worried?

My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. We've been dating but haven't been able to see each other since we started dating. He's really busy, working two full time jobs and doesn't even have enough time to even sleep every day. His phone broke months ago so the only ways I can contact him are on an online video game we play and through email. He did log into the online game a week ago, but hasn't been on there since. He usually goes a few days without going online so I usually only hear from him once or twice a week. I know it hasn't been that long yet, but I'm starting to really worry (that's just how I am). I only have a way to contact one of his friends and this friend can contact his parents. I'm starting to wonder if I should have my boyfriend's friend contact the parents and see if they've heard from him. My boyfriend did say (last time we talked) that his laptop has been acting funny. But how long does it take to get a computer fixed? Am I worrying too soon? When should I start freaking out if I still haven't heard from him? And I'm not worried about him cheating on me or leaving me or anything like that. I'm afraid that he got into an accident or something. Should I just wait or take action to try to figure out what's going on?


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  • get ahold of him, probably the laptop.

    • I have no way to contact him, that's part of my problem. =/

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  • Sounds dodgy. Don't want to panic you anymore than you already are, but where there's a will there's a way.