We've only been casually dating for almost two months now, should I expect a birthday gift?

We have plans this weekend for my birthday but I'm really curious if he'll get me anything. We are having sex, but I'm not his ''girlfriend'' yet so idk. Its still really soon in the relationship but I still hope he gets me something.

Thanks in advance! :)


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  • Don't expect a gift because you haven't quite defined your relationship as yet. If he gets you something it is because he wants to and not because he is obliged to.

    Anyway do you EXPECT people in your life to get you gifts on special occasions e.g. Christmas, birthdays etc?


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  • Seeing as how you both specifically made plans, yes. You can gauge how interested he is by how much thought he put into it.

  • if he is really interested in you and willing to continue in this relationship he should give a gift. nothing fancy take you to a dinner for example

    answer my question please


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