Is this playing hard to get?

So, there is one girl that I really like and I have known her for one year. I met her at college. Sometimes we chat at Facebook and also text messages

So, recently, I have gave her birthday present which is chocolate. So during this few days(after receiving this presents), she was like sudden change of behavior and trying to show me "cold shoulder" to me and also avoid me. And during I text to her, sometimes she ignore me and reply with short ans such as"no","ya","yes" and etc. She used to reply with sometimes long ans and with a smiley face.

So I was confused that why she sudden changes of behavior? Is it my friend spread it out or what? Why is it she sudden changes her behavior towards me? Should I bring out this issue to her and try to discuss with her to solve it? I m so confused and worried.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Try to play also a game try to avoid her fo a while just to prove if she also like you.some girls really like that.


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  • Maybe she's now aware that you have a crush on her and doesn't feel the same. Some girls are like that, they let you know in a subtle way (which is dumb because not a lot of guys catch on to that) which they think is being nice. So I'd say just bring it to her attention, I mean I can totally be wrong on what I said above.