Texting a guy that likes you?

So he likes me and is on a break with his girlfriend. We went on a date Wednesday and texted that same night saying we both had fun and we should hang out again Saturday. We usually text everyday with him and I alternating initiating each day. I texted him yesterday and he didn't respond at all which freaked me out. But Today he spent time coming over to me during school and talking to me more in person. Do you think he just forgot to reply or am I overdramafying this? Should I initiate text again today or wait until he texts something to me?


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  • Darling breath! You are defiantly overacting and over thinking this alll. If he talked to you at school that is a great sign that everything is okay. Don't worry about it I promise it will work out but don't overeact of freak out about things like this. About the text let him get ahold of you, he knows where to contact you.


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