Dumped over a text message

My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me over a text message, said that he's got a lot of things to think of like work and family and other studf and he's tired of arguing. Should I return his calls?


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  • It depends on how important this relationship is to you. By now you should know him and his general behaviour. Sometimes when people are stressed they make regrettable decisions. If I were you I'd only take a call to set up a meet. 2 years is too long for one text message not matter how bad relations were

    • I love him but I don't want him to get used to breaking up after every fight.He's 26 already for crying out loud.I want him to realize the importance of mutual respect. What he did was unacceptable and I want him to realize that.Do you think giving us space and time to think things through is a good idea?

    • Yes I think that is a good idea. Mutual respect is very important. Like I said set up a mee to that youy can talk face to face and move on from there

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  • It's pretty low class to dump someone by text, especially after 2 years. But that shouldn't affect how you respond to him, since I expect you have a lot more class than that. If he wants to come back and you haven't decided whether to take him back you can issue him a challenge to prove himself worthy after that cowardly breakup and see what he does with it. It might decide you one way or the other.

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    • I see no questions on your page. If you asked anonymously, then the question would be hidden from everyone but your. You are welcome to send me a message with your question or a link to your question.

    • That might work.so yep. I'm gona give him space so he'll know what he wants and I'm a do the same thing for myself

  • I wouldn't call him. Ending a 2 year relationship by text is pretty low. He screwed that up so I would wait to see how he tries to fix it. He needs to be the one to make the effort. If he is trying to reach out because he knows he treated you badly. Then you could hear him out. If he doesn't reach out then I think that is a pretty good indication of how he values the relationship and him as a person. And I would be prepared that he might only reach out to break up the right way. So don't beg, be ready to let him go.

    • here's the thing .right now, I'm going through a hard time since my brother is sick and my parents had to go back home..he tried to reach out.he didn't mention anything about fixing things but he wants me to stay with him until my parents' comeback next week.

      He by the way insisted that I was the one who called it off which I swear I did not

  • No I'd give space.

  • Is your boyfriend notoriously dramatic or does he tend to be deliberate and say things "only once" then do them?

    • I can't think of the exact term but he does says things then take them back after.

    • Then ignore his idiotic shenanigans and do with him as you see fit. Fickle bastard.

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  • Do you want to give him another chance?

    • I don't know anymore . I'm scared that he doesn't care about the relationship to just blow it off in a sms

    • don't call him

      move on with your life, suffer in silence not letting him find out you are hurting. If you don't answer him he will start wondering why you didn't fight for him and maybe you met someone new already,anyways ,make him wonder,he dumped you over text, how disrespectful and uncaring of the douche

  • Forget it. I've read other answers and your comments and you said you don't want to "break up after every fight"? What, this has happened before? Either way that's definitely unhealthy. And you ask "Should I return his calls?" So he has the guts to call you? He must think you'd come back to him or something. If he doesn't respect you enough after 2 years, he never will. Move on with your life. And don't call him either.

    • A part me says the same thing.haha. I know how I want to be treated and apparently he can't do that

    • Well for my own breakup, that was the phrase I told myself. If he can't treat me with respect like a human being, then I need to move on.