When do you set up a date after first meeting someone you've never met before?

Ok so I frequently go out and approach random girls. Basically if I think she's fairly cute and the situation presents itself then I will approach her. My question though is since these girls are random, how soon should I setup a date with them since I know girls are leary about going on a date with a random guy. Should I talk to her on the phone for a couple weeks first or just text her to get her to feel comfortable enough with me eventually? What makes you the most comfortable ladies?


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  • Texting for about a week, and talking on the phone at least once is fine for me. If we go too long with just talking, I begin to wonder if this is going anywhere and get bored. If he asked me out the very next day, unless we had a major immediate connection, I get too nervous because I don't know much about him.


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  • text for a little bit and thenm bring it up in conversation :)


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  • i don't think that you need to take a few weeks of talking before you set up a date. if you meet a random girl out and you get her number the implication is that you received the number so you could set up a time to go out... although I guess if you just ask for her number it could be seen as vague what the follow-up might be I think it is fine to ask someone if they want to get together the first time you call them.

    i think you could kind of clear up any issue by saying, "i'd love to get together sometime. Could I have your number?"

    • I usually say I'd like to call her a little later on and would like to get her number. Sometimes I wonder if they're thinking I want sex with her by saying that cause most of the time it's like 6 in the evening time when I meet girls.

    • hmmm, I see your point. I feel like if you called a few days later (1-3 days) they may not assume that you are after sex