My friend is dating a guy who flirts with every girl who walks in?

My friend is going out with a guy who works in a fast food shop and he is so flirty with everyone and he does it with me as well and inste of being annoyed at him she gives me grief like why did you go there it's so annoying even before they was dating I went there it's close to me and cheap I started going earlier so I don't see him but sometimes he's still there should I not go at all she always ask did pretty girls go what did he say it's getting stupid


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  • This is what camera phones are for. You know what to do.


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  • Some people are just flirty. I'd think she has nothing to worry about if he flirts with everyone... It would be worse if he only flirted with some people.

    The funny thing is that this was likely what attracted her to him in the first place... she shouldn't be upset about it. That's just how he is.