Ladies would you confess your feelings to a guy and after he said "yes" you go on a date then dump him?

Would you be interested in a male friend of yours, by telling him you like him, once he says "yes" you and him go on a date, then after your second date, you decide you don't like him in that way anymore cause it was all about the chase.

I'm asking cause look at what the girl did in this video link


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  • I'm sure it wasn't all about the chase. I'm in Canada though so I can't see the video but obviously anything on MTV will likely be dramatized for entertainment.

    Sometimes people turn out differently than expected once you've been on a few dates. Also sometimes they say/do something that makes you realize you were wrong about being in a relationship with them.

    • Well MTV's friendzone looks real to me, and that girl sounded like a douche for saying she was no longer interested in him and it was all about the chase.

    • Do you think a girl asking out a guy then saying "oh sorry - we're not compatible" will get viewers? No. EVERYTHING on TV is for entertainment and that would not entertain anyone!

    • TV is not real life.


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  • I think that's a cute story. Well you have to try to see what your in for I guess. As far as stringing people along, I definitely do not do this, but I think in this vid, it's a little bit of a unique situation. Girls often times like to be chased though obviously and once they real you in, then yes they will let you go, it's so selfish and just awful leading guys on like this. I like to use the analogy "dick in a jar" they keep all their options up their on the shelf then take them down when they chose, then again put them right back up on the shelf again. Weird analogy but its just a library of a whole bunch of heartbreak waiting to happen. :(

  • No I wouldnt

  • I wouldn't do that


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