Girls, let me know what you like or don't like about my online dating profile?

I haven't been getting many messages from girls as I would like/expect and I'm wondering if it has to do with something written or posted that I can fix easily.

The link is below:



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  • use this image as your profile picture: link its got such a nice genuine emotion in it and your smile is lovely, we don't want a picture of you in a pub with your friends.

    you should turn your about me into a speech like your talking directly to her and describing yourself, its more personal than a list of short sentances

    very impressive that you can speak so many languages! volunteering is a lovely thing to see too

    i really like your subtle humour peppered into the profile (iphone thing for example), you sound very mature and cultured but not one of those people too good to laugh at something with childish unsophisticated humour like big bang theory

    i don't think there anything really wrong with your profile, you just need to message women as we get hundreds of messages daily so don't really need to search through mens profiles as bad as that sounds, make sure the message is more than a few lines, has some conversation starters, is interesting and shows you read through her profile. most guys message "hi, how are you" or some variation of you're beautiful which gets very tedious to read through when you get 100 identical messages like this so someone taking the effort to write something thoughtful that shows he hasn't just messaged 50 other girls the exact same thing is very refreshing and makes me 100 times more likely to reply


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  • Get rid of that first pic where your face is turned. You're really cute but it's not flattering. That is the first one they will see and your other ones are much better. Make the third one where you're in a blazer first so that's the first thing they will see. It's so cute.

    Maybe write a paragraph about yourself instead of listing things so girls get a picture of what you're like personality wise.

    • Thank you for that extensive feedback. Greatly appreciate it.

    • Also, as a girl on OKCupid, I generally don't initiate messages or scroll through people since I get so many from men. Send out messages which show you've read her profile and you're not just some guy who sends out 1000 messages hoping to get a response from someone.

    • Duly noted. Thank you so much!

  • i think your profile looks fine, really.

    But I think a lot of times on dating sites guys need to initiate

    • Yeah, of course. But I want to know what can I do to give girls I'm writing to an incentive to write back. Thanks for the comment.

    • I read it, I think you sound like a really interestiing!

    • Aw thanks! :)

  • That you are asking this question. That's what I don't like about your online dating profile lol

  • make the 3rd picture (with black suite ) your picture profile.

  • you need a better picture


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