Does he like me or just want sex?

So I met this guy Charles through one of my friends. we facetimed some then kinda fell off. Then one day he text me askin to chill. So him and my friend James came over. At first Charles was playin 2k and not even talkin to me. So James later down on my lap and we were jus talking then Charles finally decides to come talk to me and James leaves. We ended up kissing and after that we talked for a few days then he stopped texting me. I saw that he was messing with some girl that goes to my school on ig. And then a week later he got back with his ex . I was just like watever he can do him. But this weekend he asked me to come over James house and hangout with him so I did. James came and gave me a hug. Charles looked at him kinda rude and was like don't start that today. Well James and my sister stayed downstairs while I was in James room with Charles. He told me how him and his girlfriend broke up. We ended up cuddling and kissing in bed. And he wanted to have sex and I said no because I don't wanna be a rebound plus imma virgin but he doesn't know. He kept trying to convince me but I was still saying no. We jus made out the rest of the time and now it's been like 2 days and he hasn't even texted me. And I don't wanna seem thirsty by texting him first. How do you think he really feels about me?


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  • of course he's only interested in sex, he doesn't bother to talk to you unless he wants you to come over and make out with him, he flits from you to ig girl, to ex to you in the space of like 2 - 3 weeks

    lose your virginity to someone who means a lot to you not some hot guy who can't stick with one person, virginity isn't sacred to be honest but it can be emotionally negative for a young girl if the guy just drops her right after, no ones going to feel good if theyre being used - virgin or sexually experienced


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  • Please.. he's not worth it, if he backed off he it probably means that he was looking for easy sex. + A guy who had some more serious intentions wouldn't have asked you to bed so quickly.

  • Honestly it seems like all he wants is to screw around, my advice would be to leave before you get hurt and things get out of hand.