What do you do when you feel completly alone?

I dated a guy for a month and it was all great and I got used to him being there blowing up my phone, than after one great night I don't know what happened he totally backed out, we are still friends on Facebook and we do snapchat each other here and there but he isn't that interested in me as he was.. I've noticed he has become friends with a lot of new girls..like around my age and during the time we dated he wasn't getting new girl friends on Facebook but now damn the list is getting longer and longer..

I don't know what I did wrong ..its weird cause our last date went great and we had such a great time and suddently the day after he backed out of it all :( and now I'm stuck thinking about OK was it because of me he ran? even though he did say I was great and he has said that his life is chaos at the moment and he needs to figure things out with work and buying a new home but than he is dating and getting new friends on fcb .. he said he absolutley does want to see where this will go..but I mean I don't want to belive that..

so now I'm here feeling all alone in my student dorm and don't know what to do :/


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  • Well.. I guess He realized that you are not her for him.

    And he probably don't wanna hurt you after all these things.

    Leave him if you are not happy.


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  • He doesn't sound right, somethings happen for the best. Concentrate all your feelings to your studies now and get the results you never imagined. Mr Right will come later on in life.

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  • Go out and join some clubs. He isn't the only one that can make friends. Maybe that's why he lost interest. He doesn't want a relationship with someone that has nothing else going on in their life.

    • No I had a lot to do, and I have a lot to do atm studying for exams..but he was 28 and I am 21 and he said that the age made him think a little but he didn't want to let me go..and than he said he had a lot chaos in his life he had to sort out, but I'm sceptical cause he has a lot of new girl friends on fcb and he told me he has to focus on his life..