Do you think he'll come around?

So he and I started out by mutually liking each other, but none of us ever admitted our feelings. We hung out a lot and had lots of chemistry. But I guess I was being too clingy and assuming we were in a relationship before we were actually dating because he texted me one day saying he lost interest in me. I then admitted over text to him that I really liked him (mistake, I know). Anyways, he still said he wanted to be friends. But I noticed that I was the only one afterward trying to make the friendship normal (talking to him once in a while). He was just completely avoiding me. So after like a month, I confronted him about it, and he told me that we really didn't have anything in common and we never have a chance to talk to each other (I know this is an excuse because there are plenty of opportunities). Anyways, he said we could still ask each other for help and stuff. What should I do? We're still not talking and I kind of still have feelings for him :(


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  • In the future.

  • In time yes. But not right now