He wants me to text him, but he never texts first?

This guy gave me his number saying he was available for help with whatever questions I had for work. I go to university with him and have talked to him in person. He gave me his number to help me out with work the first few months I got hired at a job. He has never texted me first, except when he needed something from me and when he randomly texted me saying "Hi". I told him What's up but he never replied. This was the only time he didn't reply back. Usually when we're texting, he flirts around a lot, and tries to keep the conversation going. We text for about 2 hours until the conversation dies off. Three days ago, he said he could help me out with Chemistry since he knows I'm having difficulties with it. I couldn't really hear him so I said what and he says, I can help you, text me. If he really wanted to talk to me, why doesn't he text first? He is not shy at all, he can talk and does talk to everyone. He initiated convo with me 99% of the time in person. If he doesn't text first, but gives you his number, offers help and keeps the conversation going, does that mean he doesn't like you? I am a shy person and I really am not used to texting guys first unless he's a very good friend of mine. I don't want to text him first because I don't want to bother him and don't want him to think I'm all over him.


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  • Well I am also like that with one girl,even though I like her, It's because of the same reason you mentioned. I'm just afraid that I am bothering her... I can't know exactly what's up with your guy, but this might be the case.


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  • he could like you but I think if he really liked you he would initiate contact more.