Dating/flirting with Greek man?

I know this is a little odd. But I known this Greek guy for a little bit. he owns a restaurant that I go too I know his whole main family. they all seem like me. I just don't know how to go about approaching him about that I like him and I might want to date him. I don't even know if he is dating someone. He seem quiet and to himself. some advice would be great!


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  • most Europeans people do not like the seriousness of dating but it doesn't mean they don't date or have relationships they think it is very odd that here in the united states we ask each other out like would you go on a date with me so the way they usually do it in European countries is they hang out with each other maybe in groups and then hang out just you two once your closer and then go out places with him a lot and hang out (pretty much dating but in an informal manner) and then if you both like each other he will ask you to be his girl or you can ask him to be your boyfriend by the way European people are very sexually liberated so much that in some countries the family doesn't mind if their daughter brings a man to sleep to the house and eat breakfast with the family the next day also when they make out over there its pretty common that it is followed up with sex its not like here that its make out session and that's it so yeah and flirting all you need to know is that sexuality and flirting are universal just flirt with him when you hang out and be playful and he should pick up on the signals.


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  • ask him yourself