Advice needed who to one stand with, who to date, who marry and who to avoid?

I was doing some reading and it said types of women to avoid and only date but never marry and that started me thinking and so I thought about people who to one stand with, who to date, who marry and who to avoid and thought I'd ask everyone which type do you think fits into which category and why and what are the signs of these people that put them in that category, videos and pictures are helpful.


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  • just go with your heart and not some silly article you read online


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  • You should never bother with one-night stands.

    You should date women with the intention to build everlasting bonds but not marry those with whom you know there is no hope, but you should release them immediately.

    Your should marry a woman who is with you more than as the love of your life but also as a pillar that you cannot live without. Emotions are nice but a helping hand is nicer.

  • One night stand nobody, you don't know where they've been.

    Dare anyone you can because you never know

    Marry the chick who's willing to sign a prenup because you know she's not in it just for your money.