Any problems dating her friend?

so I got rejected by this girl that I'm really close with. And that she went back to japan. Is it OK to date her best friend? I mean since she doesn't want me she should support my action to date anybody right?


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  • She might tell her that you are flaky or think you are flaky but if there was no flirtation or connection whatsoever and she wasn't interested in you at all, I don't think any blood will be shed over you dating her best friend.


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  • Seems fine, I think in the end her friend makes the decision. If it's was me I wouldn't care.


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  • As the guy in this situation, I think you don't have to worry about what she thinks. Your primary concern should be whether her friend is interested in you, since this question is moot if she isn't.

    Her friend is the one who would have to sort that out with her. I don't see why it's an issue, since you two never dated. But then again, girls and their interactions with friends is something that I've never been able to understand.

    And I think her support in the issue would also depend on why she rejected you. Maybe it was because she was moving to Japan? In which case, it really isn't about you personally.

    • The problem is, we were going out. And doing things that are borderline Girlfriend / Boyfriend.

      But when I ask her to become official She said no. So if she said no she should respect my decision to go for her good friend right? And not be pissed off and end the friendship