When geting to know a girl how often should you text or call without seeming needy?

When getting to know a girl, what are some good questions to ask, and how often should the texting or calling be (as you don't want to bother them or come on to strong or needy) Girls your opinions would help dearly. -Cheers


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  • Every day. It doesn't have to be all day, but I'm in a situation right now, where the guy I've been texting with rarely responds quickly and never texts first and it drives me crazy. We want to know you're interested! Sure, you can let her initiate sometimes too, but it should be two-sided. Both of you do some of the work and talk often. She'll appreciate knowing you're interested. The situation I'm in is really difficult because I don't know what he's thinking when he never puts forth effort. It makes me think he just doesn't care.


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  • Honestly? As long as she's responding and reciprocating your interest, as often as you feel like it. If you play the "don't text her so you don't come off too strong" she'll likely be unsure of your interest level and won't be as invested in you.

  • Honestly, everyday.

  • Mmm I'm the kind of person who easily freak out when a guy seems too needy or stalky, but if he doesn't text me at all I lose interest because I think he doesn't care enough. So I'd say (but that's just me) once every two/three days at first and then (if the two of you find some connection) more often, even everyday. I think it depends on the person though. As for the questions, some funny jokes are always welcomed and at first nothing too personal, try to know each other tastes (movies, books, sports) and see if there's connection.

    • Awesome! Thanks so much :)

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