Can women ever be unable to get a date?

Whenever I hear a woman say this, I will think she's full of it. Women have more options than men in life. For one, when it comes to attractive women, they're never really single. Second of all to quote Steve Harvey "no matter how you look or how you feel about yourself, someone is going to find you attractive."

Overall, when I hear a woman say she can't get a man, I roll eyes I don't believe them. What do you think?


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  • Women can get a date pretty easily. The problem for a lot of women though is getting a guy to date them more than once (and this is where they complain).

    I have known several women who have never seemed to emotionally mature past the age of middle school. They think that they "deserve" love by default, and consequently put no effort into improving themselves physically or intellectually. They fill the void of loneliness in their lives with Disney movies, chocolate, and bashing on men. They meet a guy who agrees to go out with them. She obsesses about this upcoming date for a week, talking to every girlfriend about it and dissecting every little thing the guy says and does not say during the interim.

    They go out. She has a nice time, because she's finally getting some attention. The guy probably hasn't gotten a date in awhile either, so he was willing to overlook the fact that she's kind of chubby (but proud of the fact that she has a butt). However, upon talking to her, he realizes that she has a deep-seated resentment of men and a chip on her shoulder. The girl presents it as feminism, and considers her "strength" and "individuality" and affinity for ball-busting as something that should be attractive to him, because she places very high value on assertiveness in men.

    However, the guy is not attracted by this stubborn ME-attitude, but instead was looking for the opposite: sweet, nice, caring, and compassionate. The guy realizes that he's neither attracted to her physically, nor does he like being bullied, so he decides not to contact her again. The girl is deeply offended and feels betrayed by this. She indulges in more man-bashing with her like-minded friends, has some more chocolate, and enjoys the opportunity to complain about every aspect of her life...without ever getting off the couch to do anything about it.

    Thus you see. These women are even more pathetic than guys who can never ever get a date, no matter how many girls they ask. At least those guys are making some kind of effort, but these women just sit back and enjoy their own misery. This misery might eventually lead to their entire pool of male acquaintances realizing what they're actually like...and thus deciding that they want nothing to do with them.

    Therefore, you can see how a girl might lead herself to be completely unable to get a date.


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  • Yes, I have seen many of my friends not be able to get a single guy to give them attention. They all happened to be fat or unattractive, so this is why. I agree with the anon that said it's easy for women to get sex, but harder for us to find someone to be in a relationship.

  • UM YES.

    I have been single all my life.

  • Well most guys call me attractive, and I'm single. So I hate that stereotype that there must be something wrong with me, or guys avoid me, because they refuse to believe I could be attractive and single at the same time. It's such a misconception.

    • Do you think it's because you're waiting to find a guy YOU find attractive?

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    • Well 1) that's a generalization 2) Even the "beta males" will say, that if they were alpha, they'd just screw around and never settle down with one girl. Every guy WANTS to just have casual sex with 100's of women for the rest of their lives. So whether I get the alpha or the beta, it doesn't matter. One is only a good guy because he has no choice.

    • I consider myself a good guy. I have yet to get my first girlfriend. Women like douche bags. That's life.

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  • maybe with one they actually want

  • Of course they can. Check out the uggos who rarely date. Can't be easy for them.