Can a girl cause a guy to change for the better?

hey guys. my ex once said I changed him & I just knew that that was utter BS why? cos we were dating for only a week! anyhow. now my question is, are there guys out there that could truly say they were once so inlove/ are so inlove that they stopped their ways, that they would never want to hurt the girl that they are with now, that they value this girl more than any other girl. so if yes. after how long after you started dating did you realize that you were truly inlove with the girl? I'm just curious


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  • No guy will ever change for a woman, ever. No matter what bullshit the media/Hollywood tries to force feed us a guy won't suddenly change because he's met a woman he loves so much and can't bare to be without. People change because THEY want to not because of anyone else


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  • A story straight from the cookie cutter. This has happened a million million times already.

    1. Girl meets a douchey guy

    2. girl puts up with it because he's hot and she thinks that she can change him

    3. Douchey guy continues to not change and girl continues to get hurt.

    4. Girl eventually gets tired of that crap and dumps him, then in mid 30's, finds a relatively average looking guy who is nice.

  • It's true, the adage that a woman marries a man hoping to change him while a man marries a woman hoping she will never change. Unfortunately, it is rare that either gets what they want.


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