Should I call or text my ex?

I am so confused I'm thinking about my ex and wondering if I should call him or text him to say what up, but in a way I don't want to because I'm with someone and he is with someone. I'm not trying to call him because I want him back I just want to say hey so should I or should I not do that.


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  • I would probably text him. I don't really know anything about you, him or your relationship. But what can happen? You don't really have anything to lose. Go ahead. Text him just to say hey.

    You don't have to act like he doesn't exist. And he doesn't have to act like you don't exist.


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  • the first question is what are your intentions? Why do you want to say hello? If it is to be a friend then you should let you significant other know what you are doing. If it is to re-kindle the flame, so to speak, then you probably should stop seeing the person you are seeing. It would only be fair to him. I hope this helps.


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  • Dont do that cause you obviously miss him and have feelings for him but yall have both moved on and if you try opening that closed chapter, then your inviting problems to come in and its not fair to those yall are with. he is your ex for a reason and a little bit of you do want him back so don't go back. Stick with moving forward.