Im so confused by his words/actions

My boyfriend of 6 months hasn't been putting any effort in calling or texting me . And lately when I text him, he will always reply with "ok" no matter whay the texts says or asks. The other day, I was fed up and broke it off. He told me he doesn't want us to breakup. He also said that I text him way too much. I told him I will back off from texting. So the day after that convo, neither of us talked or texted. The nexy day, he text me and asked how my day is going. I answered with a "great. Hope yours is great too". Then were both silent the rest of the day. Well, tonight, he text me with a "hello" followed by a question mark. I don't get what he wants from me. I quot texting him like he requested and now he's sending question marks that I'm reading as " where the heck are u?" I'm getting so annoyed that I mIght just dump him. E


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  • So he isn't responding how you want him to, you would rather stop the relationship. OK, so that means you prefer to have the guy respond to you how you want him to. So when you find that kind of guy who does it just how you like it, you may wish to remember this guy who is different and has his own preferences, because the guy you find that does it just like you want it will be the type that does it your way. I think you will find that eventually much more annoying, boring and and smothering and much more weak willed than your current guy. It's your choice. You have to live with it afterward or break up again. The world is full of guys who react differently and communicate differently than you do.

  • He is occupied. Let him go. There is worse then a response of "k"...that is "hello? ". to me that is a deal breaker. That is someone who doesn't want to connect first and refuses to say anything all day...checking the cell every 5 minutes...then...THEN explodes with frustration? That is not someone I want to be with.


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