Why causes a guy (21+) to become clingy?

I noticed this with the guys I've dated and at the time I didn't think much of our daily interactions or them checking up on me but looking back it kind of seems ..odd? Or maybe this is a normal thing that people deal with? My younger sister and her boyfriend don't talk as much and I brought this to her attention. She said the clinginess might have something to do with me but I'm actually more distant when it comes to dating. Is that what brings out that trait in guys?


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  • Stuff you may like early one (lots of attention, chasing, playing hard to get) could translate to suddenly appearing to be "clingy" later on. It doesn't mean they "became" clingy, they're just doing what they always do.

    It can also occur when a guy is about to be broken up with.


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  • For me it is anyway. If my girlfriend is distant for whatever reason I tend to get clingy. I need attention and affirmation and when I don't get it I seek it out. While I know that it's mostly gonna end badly - if she's distant because she's stressed out over work having me in her face won't make things better - it's hard to act rationally in a mix of insecurity, love and lack of information. Luckily my current partner is very understanding :)

  • After the period of wild hunter and hormones explosions a man may be in chase of a stable relationship. Maybe your choices on your partner characteristics makes you to find these guys and even if you are "more distant to dating" you may be enough beauty/smart/charismatic/whatever to the boys so they don't wanna to leave you. In fact your distance may be seen as a game and discover your mind would be a prize...

    I hope be in use.


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