Dating to putting a girlfriend/boyfriend label on a relationship. Does it really change things?

Dating exclusively to putting a girlfriend/boyfriend label on a relationship. Does it really change things? What are your observations, experiences, opinions. Why are some people, usually the guy, more weary of putting a label on things?


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  • In my last relationship I was with this guy for almost 3 months.

    The first month was amazing, I had a great time dating though we only saw each other twice a week for a few hours. For month 2 we agreed to be boyfriend/girlfriend, still seeing each other only twice a week due to his school schedule.

    After a few weeks I started to realize that this was quite an unfulfilling relationship because we didn't even see each other enough to build a connection and I started to get a bit sad and wished I had dated him longer before committing to him because despite having titles, we were essentially dating because we just went on two dates a week and that was it.

    When things are bad I think they feel worse after having titles because when you're dating them that isn't "it" where as if you're in a relationship those things will be bad until you end the relationship.

    =be sure you're 100% happy with them before committing/putting labels on things.


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  • No, it changes nothing. I can put a "cat" label on a dog, does it make it a cat now? Well you can't put a "boyfriend/girlfriend" label on a relationship that the people don't even love each other, and expect it to be the same thing as an actual loving relationship either.

    I have no idea what you mean by "weary of putting a label on things" either.

  • Yes it does. Can't speak for other guys but I personally like to know where I'm going with this. After all, a relationship is something whereby both parties commit and dedicate themselves to each other. Those are usually don't like putting a label are either not ready for a relationship or have been hurt bad in a previous relationship.


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  • It changes for me in the sense that I will only call a guy my boyfriend if I feel a strong connection with him and feel comfortable around him.

    I am the girl that has broken up with a guy because he called me his girlfriend too soon.

    However, once I have gotten to the stage of calling a man my boyfriend I then start using pet names 'baby, hun' etc. and I become a hell of a lot more affectionate. I suppose it is because in my head, both of us accepting the title of boyfriend and girlfriend means that we both agree we enjoy spending time together, trust each other and would rather see each other than dating any one else.

  • no, it really does not.