Been dating a guy but he takes ages to respond

Been dating this guy, we met up and had a nice night, we text everyday and still seemed interested but he took longer to reply and would use the excuse that he was busy even when I could see him updating fb status's. I'm not at all needy in any way but it just seems a bit annoying when someone takes ages to reply but can still be putting fb status's on.

what do you think? Is he interested?


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  • Hes not interested enough to bother with, that I can assure you, because a guy who is into you will want to make you aware he is interested, and for him to be showing his fb more priority than he does you tells me, he's a loser and should be lost,x

    • Ok thanks..feel like he's doing it on purpose because he likes the chase...

    • Up to you if you want to chase someone like that, I personally wouldn't bother, but good luck anyway,x


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  • I recommend giving it a break with the texting. Stop texting him on a daily basis, instead try giving it like 3 days in between texts. He probably just wants to do his own thing, and not get too connected with you yet. Don't overreact, pretty much all guys just want to chill sometimes. And, it doesn't mean that he doesn't like you or anything

    • I have left it a week before to text him back though and he did get back to me because he said I had gone quiet , just feel like he's doing it on purpose to make me like him more i.e likes the chase.

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  • I guy that really liked you would text backlike speedy gonzales.