Why dosen't he text me anymore?

When I first met my boyfirend at a party of a mutural friend of ours, he gave me his number, his snapchat, and his instagram name. That night and weeks later, we texted everyday. We would text for hours and he would snapchat me all the time. We realized we liked eachother and we started dating. He used to text me in the beginning, but now he hardly ever replies. It'll say "Read at ___." but he dosen't reply. I told him before that he always ignores me, but nothing changed. He still talks to me in person and everything, but he never texts me or anything after that. He texts other people but just not me. Should I just give up on trying to text him?


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  • It might just be that he's found someone else. Regardless, it's time to give up. If he wants to talk to you, he will.

  • Yeah, your beating a dead horse. From what you saying he's not interested...or at least right now. Do your self a favor leave him be. It for your own good.