Your first kiss story, I bet mine is the most funny one.

Hey share your first kiss stories here is mine

I was walking in meir - antwerpen and a girl stopped me

And asked if I want to buy a bonbon for sick kids and she said that she will hug me for free, and I said are there other services? She replied kiss? and I said on the lips? She answered: you choose and that's was my first kiss.


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  • Well I grew up a country girl so it was in a hay barn when I was 10. Me and 2 redneck boys, they were brothers, were playing truth or dare and the older brother (12) dared me to kiss his little brother (9) and one kiss turned into a stream of kissing dares.


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  • A 6 year old girl crawled on top of me on the playground when I was 5 and raped my lips. :/