What is a good free dating site?

And how effective are these sites? do they work?


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  • I tend to avoid the free sites and have had decent success with match.com. I figure if a girl is halfway serious about finding a quality man, she'll invest a few bucks in signing up for a legit site. That's not to say that there are no honest people on the free sites, I'm just skeptical as to if they are moderated enough or not.


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  • Plentyoffish.com




  • plentyoffish.com

    and yes its worked for me

  • Datehookup.com

    I met the guy I lost my virginity to on there, if that qualifies as effective lol

    You can instant message on there and if you fill out certain things and then do a search, the things you have in common with certain people shows up. It's good. I liked it.

    • Wow, tell me how the guy approched to you. I a m serious. Using online website to meet people is just too new for me

    • He just sent me a message saying hey you're really pretty and you seem like I nice girl. Want to talk sometime? It's as simple as that. Just search for whatever age you're interested in and when the results come up, just go through the profiles and read about the girls or whatever and send messages to the ones you're interested in

    • Thats not free.

  • Plenty of fish is A dating site... a good dating site? Not sure.

  • OkCupid is really good. They have a lot of cool features that PlentyofFish doesn't have, like match questions and tests and "quiver matches" and random matches. They will profile your personality too, based on how you answer the questions.

  • My friend uses datehookup. Com, but I do not think he has had much luck finding a girlfriend. It seems like many of the free or pay dating sites (except maybe match. Com) are focused on "hooking people up" rather than putting people together who have a real connection. That is too bad, as I know it can be hard for some people to open up or show their best side at first when dating. I have also heard of fubar through yahoo, which is new. It seems like a decent place to meet a down to earth person to have drinks with.

  • Truedate4u.com is a free online dating website, which offers free online dating service to the singles. Here you can meet thousands of Singles who are really looking for real relationships, new friendships, romance and many more. its completely FREE having Unique features.

  • qmpeople.com is really fun. I think no other site has its services.

  • I think today its more about dating NETOWRKS, than the old pay dating sites. Like Meezoog.com for example.

    Dating networks are free, they're funner and you have access to much more info about the people on them, because all the singles are connected somehow thru friends.

  • pleteyoffish.com or POf.com

  • My experience with FREE ones has not been as genuine as with match.com! Most the men who IM me are players, not sure how it is for guys with chicks but it seems that if they are paying for it them they are a little more serious about finding a relationship! Good luck!

  • okcupid.com is a good free dating site. I met my boyfriend of off it.

    • I was going to suggest that site. It's alright. I haven't met anyone from yet it though. I've come the closest to having luck with match.com...however match isn't free. Okcupid is though.

  • I've tried a few free dating sites, and they're filled with nasty creepers. If you're serious about giving online dating a shot, it's best to go the paid route. Sites like eHarmony and Match.com let you try their services for free, but you have to pay before you can communicate with your matches. I know eHarmony does a free communication weekend every couple of months. I've tried both sites and I prefer eHarmony.

    • Dont ever go for "eharmony" this is the prime reason it fails for so many men.

      women only check it out on "free weekends" but women that are reasonably decent won't pay for membership. and the only paying members are guys and loser women.

    • I disagree. He asked for free dating site options, and I was letting him know that if he wanted to try a legit and moderated and safe site, he could try it on the free weekends. There are plenty of women who are "reasonably decent" who use sites like eHarmony and match.com. Of course your definition of "decent" may differ from mine, but you do get what you pay for. Anyone who's serious about online dating and developing a relationship would pay the membership fees. Or at least be open minded.

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  • Nerve. Com is a good site because it attracts a wide variety of people. I feel like match and eharmony attract the same kind of white bread boring people and the people on nerve are more interesting.

  • One of the few 100% free dating sites out there that I found is called DatingDNA. They have the main website, as well as an iPhone app and a facebook app, so they are well integrated with social networks.

  • Plenty of Fish. Just look it up on Google and the link will come up. It's a really good site for online dating if your into that.

  • I also say okcupid.com. Seems decent and it's 100% free.

  • the only site I know that's free, is espinthebottle, but even that, you have to do all sorts of advertisement things jsut to get in contact with people, and besides, a lot of people are fake on there

    im jewish myself, so if I was willing to pay for a site, id do jdate (jewish date).com, but I'm not willing to pay to have a match made for me, would rather meet someone in real life...for free, afterall... I am jewish

  • Plentyoffish, but I had no luck on there.

  • I am personally starting HarryMeetSally.com - a free online dating site. If you're interested in more details, PM me on here.

    I know the founds of a few of these sites. I also have a series of relationship advice sites I'm going to start marketing out there.

    If you want a date - get off the computer and find somebody.

    If you want an Internet relationship, use one of the sites.

  • A good free dating site is yahoo! dating. This site gives information about people within your area and photographs of people who match your interest. Emails are sent whenever new people are found who match your interest and location. I would recommend this free online dating site for anyone who wants to take a stab at online dating.

  • Try Flirt N Meet link

    I have just signed up because they claimed to be 100% free and all that, and they are so far, chat, webcam, forums the whole lot is free. Just pop over and put up a post in the forums or join the chat.

    No paying for anything at all, and they even run prize draws for members.

    They also have profile guides, tips etc to help and guide you from making mistakes.

    Plus they do scammer checks to keep it clean

  • I think bkissed.com is really good to be honest. They are a new site, with tons of features, totally free! I was amazed, they have only real people, no fake accounts and no spam. Some of the features include video/audio chat, blogs, forums, videos, and some dating advice collections for men and women. Definitely worth a look imo. Good luck!

  • you can try this site ...Free Dating Site - MeetOutside.com

  • I enjoy a place called hiddenhoney.com

    They don't charge anything for memberships

    and there are even attached members that use it to setup naughty rendezous ;)

  • Im groovie

  • As far as I am concerned I would prefer a dating site where you can find a good life partner too. I wouldn't end with dating but marriage. I found yahoo dating a fair site where you can find both a date and a match. As per your desire and thought you can find your partner. To be frank I got my life partner through one of the matrimony sites. So I strongly believe such sites are of real use.

  • I have heard about PlentyOfFish link that it's good but have never used it myself. It looks like it has been very popular.

    Also quite interesting is that its developer is earning into millions. Good read: