I miss my ex a lot.

I really miss my ex who broke up with me about 10 months ago. I thought we'd get married, he completed me, made me happy, ... but he broke up with me for really no declared reason and now when I try to text him as friends he ignores me and in fact blocked me from texting him. why is this? should I reach out more? through Facebook? afraid if do will get blocked there also. :(


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  • Quit torturing yourself over this guy. Obviously he does not want to maintain a friendship and you're trying to continue contact with him makes you look desperate. There are a lot of guys out there that will "complete you", the right one will be the one who thinks you also complete him.

    If you feel that you need some sort of closure call your girlfriends and have some sort of break up ceremony - burn things that remind you of him, write his name on paper and burn that, drink something alcoholic and toast each other to new beginnings, pig out on ice cream, or whatever. Do something with friends who are supportive and encouraging that will help you get past the feeling of missing the one who isn't missing you.


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  • You obviously need some sort of closure by hearing him tell you his real reason for breaking up with you. Try to finding out from his friends could be your best shot.

    • I agree. the sad thing is, I did ask a mutual friend and he said he wouldn't answer things about us we needed to deal ourselves... and I really didn't get closure he just said the breakup was final and were done ... it really hurt me.

    • Can you go back to him and ask why? Plead with him gently. Tell him you need to know because you're suffering from heart ache or something more depressing and can't move on until you know what the hell is going on. Maybe he cheated you...

  • distract yourself.