Accepted a date, but now seemingly uninterested?

So I asked this girl out, and she said yes gave me her number and a hug, and I finally texted her 6 days later, but now she's giving me one word answers, and not moving the conversation forward, I feel like I'm annoying her, what's up with her? Did I take too long to contact her?

P.S: I had a thing with her best friend years ago nothing happened, we just liked each other and that's all, maybe they talked about it?


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  • Lol if you asked for my number and contacted me 6 days later I would have assumed you weren't too interested and I no longer would be either.

    • Damn what should I do

    • Try apologising for taking so long to contact her and tell her why you waited.


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  • 6 days? Seriously six days? And you didn't even call her you texted. Ugh, you're screaming not really interested. 48 hrs dude. 72 is the limit but its stretching. You have two choices, give up, or call (not text) apologise for the delay and ask her out, I'd say it would be 50/50.

  • you took too long.


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