Is the girl I like interested?

Theres this girl I like that I just met a couple weeks ago. We Haven't seen each other since because we've been so busy but we text or Facebook message pretty often. we started out just Facebook chatting a couple messages a day, I eventually just gave her my number and said she could just text me, and she did. she's never the one to initiate the conversation, but she has been the one to text asking if I'm going out that night or whatever. And when we are texting, she will almost always respond and continue the conversation, usually within an hour, seldom more than that. She also pokes me on Facebook even tho she insists she hates poking people. Also, anytime I mention that I would like to see her she will respond later than normal, but its always with enthusiasm.

Just wondering what you guys think, is she interested? Its winter break now so I will only get to see her for new years; how often should I text her?

To be clear, its not that she is "too busy" to hang out. We've both had final exams and there hasn't been time for either of us and now we are both back in our hometowns. She texted me a couple times to meet up when she was out, but I had to study for exams the next day and couldnt


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  • It sounds like she likes you and is trying to not be "too eager" and come off like she's desperate or a pest.

    Since its the holiday break ask her out on a real date, if the day you suggest isn't good ask her what day is good for her because you want a real date with her at least once before you both have to go back to school.


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  • Yeah definitely


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  • Best thing to do is to see her in person. Anybody can say anything and they can take it in indefinite ways over the phone but if your able to talk to her in person and see how she acts via bodylanguge and stuff you'll have a better idea.