Why don't more women like crossdressers?

are you afraid what others might say if you date one? do you think you will go to hell for dating one? women are socially allowed to wear mens clothes with out any problem, why can't men wear what ever they wat?

thanks for your answers, I appreciate it, and they are basic, so to the women, why is it OK for you to not dress like women? you wear jeans most of the time or sweat pants, your not wearing dresses and heels or skirts and hose, your dressing like men, why? men shouldn't have to see women dressed like men. you wear what is comfortable to you, that's why, as usual society has double standards, its OK for women to wear mens clothes but not OK for men to wear womens clothes.
did you know that when you are conceived in the womb, everyone is female? at a precise moment you get everything from your mother that makes you who you are. this is a medical fact, please ask. so both male and females are made up of both, depending on the amount of each is who we are, a woman with more male genetics will have more facial hair and be more butch, etc etc. we are all both male and female from birth, depending on what you receive from your mother depends on who each one of us are.


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  • It's just not my thing and that's ok


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  • Uhh? There's a few women that are into that.. but I personally like to date men that dress like men. It's merely preference, just like a lot of other things. Nothing personal.

    • thank you this is a reasonable response, it is a personal preference, both ways

  • I think its cool. wish more men would. I really don't see a need for categorizing clothing as belonging to women or men. but as long as its called cross dressing instead of just dressing, I'm for it.

    i don't think of it as me seeing a man in womans clothing. I think its completely arbitrary and silly to segregate clothing. waste of time.

  • I personally couldn't feel attracted to a man who dresses as a woman. I'm straight and am into men with male appearances. Simple as that.

  • I love men who dress like men.

    I dress like a woman so I would want a gentlemen who did the same vice versa.

  • Because women want a man not a queer.

    • thats 2 different things, not all crossdressers are queer, then you wear dresses and skirts and heels everyday as a woman dressing as a woman?

    • most men who crossdress are straight

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  • You can but I won't . I like being a man, acting like a man, DRESSING like a man.

  • In the US we have spent the last 50 years making it OK for women to act like men. The same will never be true for men acting like women. Women say they want a man who is sensitive and emotional but that is not really true. It is in fact a turn off for women. Always will be.

    There are certain facts about femininity and masculinity that are set in the stone of human nature and will never change. Ever.

    • yes I believe it

    • feminity and masculinity do not refer to women and men respectively. that's just pop talk. In addition, nothing in nature is set in stone. its called evolution. things evolve. nature is change.

      youre full of feminine and masculine energy,. everyone does. that people repress themselves has nothing to do with nature.

    • LMAO @ tooloose. Evolution only happens when genes get passed on, which only happens when there is sex between a male and a female. Thanks for the laugh though.

  • Because women are generally attracted to men who act like men. If a woman is straight, why would she find it attractive when a man acts like a woman?

    It's not rocket science "dude".

  • Because even if they don't realize it they still support the idea of gender roles. Or at least they do when it comes to what they want in a man. Any man that wouldn't consider a woman that liked to dress like a man would be called sexist. The truth is that most women are crossdressers.

    • kinda seems unfair, that most of the women running around today are wearing jeans and their boyfriends shirt or worse sweatpants, go to store in house shoes and look like crap, they can wear whatever they want to and no one cares but very few dress like women.

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    • believe that too

    • You are correct about everyone starting off as female, but it is the gene you get from your father not your mother is what decides if you are male or female. Men carry the X and Y chromosome, women have two X chromosomes. If you inherit the Y chromosome from your father you become a male.