Stood up by a girl..? how do I respond?

ok I get she's not interested so don't need to tell me that

we knew each other for a month or so and she was interested in me and agreed to go out. it got cold after college break started so I asked her out one last time as just a throwaway and she said yes, wanted it earlier. Then I went there and stayed but she didn't show. Did one call after a bit and no message. 2 hours later got a text saying something along the lines

" Hey, I just woke up, sorry I couldn't make coffee. Hope you have a nice holiday!"

First off why would a girl send this rather then just cancel beforehand...?

second how do I respond?

I get this is blowing me off. Is there anyway to respond to this that's good?

I feel like no response makes me seem all hurt.

should I wait a while and try texting her again. something unrelated and a while later.

Say something like "I understand. id still like to try again when I get back." blahblah

or like " you should have just told me if you were not interested, Its alright. Hope we can still be friends, blahblah" ( this is how I really feel, I did appreciate just having her to talk to, and I can meet other women to try and date) problem with this one is assuming to her, that she was not interested might be not a good move.


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  • best response you can do - wait 3 or 4 hours and say "ah its OK, you too, later"

    flat out give her no indication you are hurt, and also don't stroke her little ego into thinking you actually want to go out with her anymore.

    From this point on, you do not chase anymore. If she comes to you, you have the upper hand. Be aloof, and enjoy your holiday


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  • Seems like a flake. No girl, and I mean GIRL who treats you that way deserves your time. It bites now, but she will get it in turn.

    • people always say that they will get what's coming . Don't really see it though. She gets to move on and find someone she wants to be with. I just don't see it, how does it happen? The person in my position always will have a hard time moving on, and I have enough of a hard time finding someone I want to be with who wants to even go on a date with me so far an impossible time. The person I knew for a while was worth my time , is all I know.

  • Just ignore her and move on

  • She was not serious, just move on.


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  • Just enjoy that, your life is fun and interesting. Ha ha ,for me it showed that girl is immature, just forget it and move on.