How can you tell if a guy is having a good time with you on a date?

What will he do?

How can you tell if he's uninterested?


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  • Just out of respect, I will listen and keep eye contact even if I am having a bad time.

    Unless of course, the girl is really annoying me or pissing me off. At that point, I will probably cut the date off early and drive her home. If the girl is really obnoxious and talks non-stop in the car, I will just turn the music up really loud to drown her voice out. After a few minutes, she usually gets the picture.

    If I'm having a good time, I will probably be much more happy. With me, the best way to tell is around the end of the date. I might hold her hand and give her a peck on the cheek at the end. If I had a good time, I will usually tell her outright. I wouldn't say it unless I meant it.


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  • If they're able to follow up a conversation with you are and laughing, heck you should know by then he's having a good time.

    However there are those that aren't able to talk around you, which is a trouble to know wether they like you or not.

    If you two have a hobby and your doing it, he's possibly happy. But I'm not sure

    This question is a bit too vauge in my opinion, with more detail of the person and your closeness to the person its a better way to help us help you point out the perspective of the date.

  • I guess you'd be laughing. His eyes would be lit up. He'd show interest.

    If he's bored his watch is his best friend and enemy as he'll be looking at it often. It is slightly

    different if he has an early start the next day. If he frequently seems indifferent to what you say.

    You do have to watch out for shy guys who's sole purpose is to hide their interest.

  • If he looks genuinely happy, laughs with you, has a positive body language, is interested in the conversation and comes up with his own things to say rather than just agreeing then that;s a good sign. If you think he's putting on any of the above, seems nervous, tries to change the subject a lot or leaves the room for different reasons then he's probably not interested.


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  • If he's interested in the conversation