Does this guy like me?

He walked me out to my bus stop when I was being stalked. When I was crying he put his arm around me and leaned his forehead against mine and skipped class saying, that I was "more important right then." He visits and chats with me sparactically during my Art Class and seeks guidance for his art projects. He recommends books for me, advises and inspires me on art projects. He has hugged me over sharing a love of The Hobbit. After our first conversation he went out of his wah to say goodbye to me. Sometimes he interjects that I am special. He has told me specifically he has never dated anyone and asked me what the perfect date idea was. The thing is sometimes he will ignore me, maybe because he is in his own world. I've blown it before and told hin that throwing children out windows would be a fun date idea and I never know how to speak to him. I reall admire his wisdom and humour, and I can very well be just misinterpreting him.


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  • Well he doesn't hate you that's for sure, ask him out!


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like he really likes you! Guys are just weird I think (as are we) with mixed signals and possibly shyness.