Is this weird or no?

So last Sunday a girl that graduated with my brother 2 years before me added me on Facebook and ask if I was his brother. My appearance has changed a lot since then. She then told me that I'm really hot now and such and gave me her number.

We then started texting a bit and she seemed really into me saying that "we should get together soon" and on Christmas Eve I went over there and hung out, I had never formally met her just know who she was. She said she wasn't sure if she wanted to hang because "she has to make a good impression" and told me she had a kid because she "wasnt sure if I knew" but we hang and great chemistry, no awkward silence or nothing. We hung out till 5 in the morning.

The next day she says she had a really good time and said "I think we really click " and that she would "be front row center!" at my show this week and ever since, I was out of town yesterday and snapchatted her and we hang a little exchange. Then about 7 hours later I texted her and asked how her day was and the message was read immediately but no reply. Then today on my way back home I snapchatted her again and it was opened but no reply or text from her.

Now I realize I'm probably over thinking. But she was pretty into me and obviously finds me attractive. What is going on here?!


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  • She could just be busy, just wait to see and you will get your a seer.


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  • No one knows but her, so if I were you I would just back off for a bit.

    You reached out two times and received no reply. If something happened to her phone, she could have easily contacted you on FB if she was worried about you.

    Maybe she has some personal issues and doesn't feel like talking right now. It's too early to tell.

    GL with everything

  • Something may be going on today...she has a kid, she's busy..try not to think much of it...wait awhile to contact her and if you're not doing anything one evening, call her and ask to hang...she may be too busy to stay in touch on the phone.

  • I would be cautious maybe she has an ulterior motive. Besides that just go along with it.


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