Is this a normal guy thing?

I am dating this guy that I like a lot.. in fact I am falling in love with him... we have been talking over a year and dating each other officially about a month, even before we started officially dating we hang out every week, sometimes a few times a week. We get each other and have a lot in common, and he is really good with my child. He tells me he really likes me a lot and we are working on our relationship to see where it can go. But he is weird... like when we hangout we have fun but he gets really nervous and shy sometimes, its kinda cute but frustraiting too! on the phone (texting) he balls up though! and he will say things like oh your clam up, and how I need to stop holding back, yet I have to make all the moves because he get shy and nervous and I said that to him and he bugged out! lol, anyway.. we talk like everyday and I'm not one of those girls that need to here from him 24/7 but he"ll like drop out sometimes and like will hardly talk to me and just flat out ignore me sometimes and then act like everything is fine... like he kind of stresses me out and being how I feel about him and his mixed messages I don't know what to do... is this normal behavior? am I being insecure? I can't tell him that I think I'm falling in love with him... at least not yet , I was gonna wait like a month or two ... but with everything else, like is this normal? should I give up on him? I wanna talk to him about it, but I don't know exactly what to say... he's kind of insecure and I don't want it to turn int a fight or come off crazy


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  • He is still very immature, and what you have just expressed shows this, and by telling him how you feel will just make him worse, so you either need to wait until he can handle himself around a girl a bit better and maturely, or tell him you find what he does very immature so he is aware that he needs to man up a bit,x


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  • Yeah I hear you! I figure since you're in a relationship that you should be able to tell him about how you're feeling. But then all relationships are different! Talk to him about it when you feel comfortable. I'm sure they'll be a moment where it can come naturally :)