Girls, have your parents ever said you couldn't date or talk to a guy that you liked?

girls, have your parents ever said you couldn't date or talk to guy that you liked? what was the reason? and did you listen to them?


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  • Yeah but the reason was that we were 14 and 13 and they felt that we were too immature. And you know I didn't listen. What kid listens to their parents when it comes to matters of the heart?!

    I went through hell for this boy for the four years we weren't allowed to talk.

    Jokes on them though because as soon as we were allowed to talk (2 years ago) we started dating and have been together ever since and have been discussing the possibility of marriage in the future. :p

    • haha nice. so you didn't talk to him for 4 years or you just snuck around your parents? was there some time that you didn't talk to him? did he know why?

    • We snuck around lol.


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  • Yeah...I did not listen to them. He was two years older than me and had tattoos (which freaked my parents out for whatever reason) and also was very into drugs (They didn't really know about that though). We dated secretly for about a month and a half and then he broke up with me to date my coworker. I probably should have listened to them. Oops.

  • No that has never happened to me

  • No they're always supported me


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