How can I get a guy to kiss my neck when hugging?

Like should I kiss his neck kinda accidentally or should I just like rub my neck close to his lips? I like this guy. He always gives me hugs but I haven't told him I like him because his friend likes me. I think he likes me too though since he always pokes and grabs my hips when he passes by and hugs me really long, and his eyes go soft when he looks at me, like sleep with me eyes lol.


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  • Awww, Mlle.

    You sound like and Old Romantic, that's sweet.

    Give me your best bedroom eyes, smile coyly, move your hair to one side of your head, tilt your head to that side, and "offer" him your neck. Basically, offer your neck like you would to a Vampire ~ he'll get the picutre, unless he's a complete dope.

    Also, show him your collarbone, if you can. Men like me find a woman's collarbone VERY attractive and inviting... If he doesn't figure it out from hear, then literally say to him, kiss me.


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  • he might be following guy code if his friend likes you. before anything you both have to establish you like each other


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  • You can't just get him to kiss your neck, you'd need to actually kiss first. Just tell him you like him and aren't interested in his friend.