She acts cold and doesn't want to speak to me anymore suddenly, for no reason!

She knows I have liked her for a few months, typical friendzone situation but she is a girl with issues and I Iistened to her problems and we got really close through texting because somehow she avoided me in real life. I didn't message her for a while and suddenly she admits having small feelings for me and missing me while we were texting

The next day she pulls back what she said ("it was late I didn't know what I was saying") and gives me the cold shoulder. I feel absolutely terrible. Two days ago we were havingo one of our awesome convos we've had for months and now I'm treated like dirt for no reason?

All I know is that she is incredibly insecure and I don't know what to do. She doesn't have any experience in relationships/Guys at all. If she truly didn't care we wouldn't be talking months after I asked her out right? She initiates most convos?!


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  • Ignore her back

    She's immature

    • I think it's the best thing to do and I'm doing that right now. I am pretty sure she will come around but I'll not wait for it. Any idea what to say when she does?


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  • Maybe she's scared of something and that's why she's holding back?!?!


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  • If she has issues she probably sees you as an emotional tampon. This doesn't sound like a healthy friendship, you should stop trying to talk to her.