How do I nicely tell this guy I'm not interested?

I've never went to any online dating sites, so I thought of going there. But I realized that it wasn't the right thing for me. I've just always been cautious about people online, but there was this one guy who seemed genuinly nice. I gave him my number, but I realized that I couldn't connect with him. Even though he didn't seem to mind at all and resect the fact that I'm totally inexperienced, I still felt strange talking to him about my limited love life. We live close, and I think he's a really good guy, but when we were texting, there wasn't much to talk about. I feel like if we were talking in real life, I would be more confident and have more things to say, but when it comes to texting, I just can't. I feel like I just can't connect with him. Like I don't feel that chemistry people feel. And I just don't know how to tell him that.

I feel horrible because when he texts occasionally, I end up texting an hour later or even more late because I don't know what to say


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  • I did the whole online dating thing in the past a couple times and like you was very apprehensive at first. I have had quite the diverse experience but am glad I did it.

    Between all the randoms I never replied to and the few I did: I went on one date that was a complete dud, one date that I went awesome I just saw more friendship than chemistry, I texted one guy that seemed to only want sex, one man flew 700 miles to see me but again lacked chemistry, and after a while with many dates and moving in together I got engaged to someone I met on OkCupid. However that didn't work out, but we had a wonderful relationship for a good long time.

    All I'm really trying to say is that you never know, and if he got this far then as long as he's not a creep, give him a chance. Or you can tell him that it lacks chemistry like I had to do a couple times. But do not worry about the awkwardness of texting someone you don't know. I always say meet sooner rather than later for that exact reason. In a public place. And I always let friends and family know where I'm going and who with to the best of my ability. :)


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  • Why not try and be honest when he text and explain that your sorry about coming across as distant, but you find it hard to hold a conversation when you know little about someone, because this might spur him into expressing himself to you so you have more to talk about. Its always hard to find that common ground, but once you do find it, you can't silence eachother lol, so find out what likes you both have in common, and start from there, otherwise, just tell him that your now dating, this should get him to back off,x


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  • Hi, sweetie..."Don't judge a book by its cover", as the old saying just might turn the page to "something interesting", and would have been very glad "you picked this one." Give him a shot, give him ONE date to find out. By texting, you cannot really know anyone for the first time, so you are not being totally fair. Thence after, if you decide he is worth ANOTHER date---and NOW more personal, meaningful texts-----you will be glad you gave him a chance., and above all,NOW the texts can be a continuous "explosion" ...