Why did this girl get upset with me?

I don't get it sometimes. There is this girl I liked and a long time ago I asked for her number and she said no. Nevertheless we kept talking and talking. There has been always a special "Spark" between me and her, its kinda hard to explain.

Recently I got annoyed because she would text everybody and their grandmothers, except me. So me, being the person that I am wen she approached me to talk, I told her that perhaps it was better if instead of wasting time talking to me, she could just text somebody and talk to them (I didn't tell her why) and she got upset at me!

I don't get why she talks to me all the time, obviously I'm not "special" or whatever enough to text (like everybody else). As soon as she sees me, she starts talking and joking with me, but it only pisses me off more. Have you ever had anything like this happen?


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  • Well if you just came out of nowhere with that line, I imagine a lot of people would get irritated about it lol. I mean yeah, you're a bit irritated yourself because to you, it seems like you're just that person she talks to whenever you happen to be around. But don't act like a child about it, if you have a problem- tell her about it. Don't bottle it up then just unleash it on someone out of nowhere. That's the much better way to go about things than to just let it stew inside of you and make you bitter about it. Have some balls to be upfront with people because trust me, there are plenty of cowards in the world who can't even voice objections to things. Stepping up and saying something to someone that is irritating you will not kill you.


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  • If I like someone, I'd much rather have face-to-face contact and talk to them rather than text them. instead of reacting in the way you did, you could have tried asking her for her number again, or else ask her point-blank why she doesn't text you but texts everyone else. Honestly, I don't blame her for getting upset...

  • She got upset because women are insane.


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  • Sometimes girls just don't want a guy's number but don't mind talking to them in person when convenient. There's many girls who talk to me and everything's great, but they want it stopped at there. Many girls love talking to me in person, but would not want to exchange Facebook FR's and phone numbers and such. They have their own personal reasons and some I have found out had nothing to do with me... like they didn't want their boyfriend getting on their case or something for example.

    But now you're taking it so personal that she won't give you her phone number and how she's texting other people but you, when you are able to talk to her face to face which is the best way. But now you're showing jealousy and such instead and she has to avoid you. Negativity is something to be avoided.

  • Well she doesn't want to give you false hopes, or have to reject you another time.

    You might be upset, but nothing forces her to give you her number. Swallow the pill.

    And quit talking to her. You're too available anyway, and it doesn't help with moving on.

    P.S. Weird profile pic.

    • Eh I'm not too available, I just feel bad ignoring her and such. After all, she IS nice but I don't want to waste my time and I don't know how to go around it.

      PS. That's Ms. Macha Nagall, German actress. Known for a bunch of Italian exploitation flicks in the late 70s.

  • You're sound like a big baby throwing a tantrum...Man up and gain some control of those emotions.

    • Why? Because I don't feel like talking to her? I have been extra nice to her and obviously she sees it because now she can't stop talking. If she doesn't feel comfortable enough to text me or call, of course I feel uncomfortable talking to her because who knows what's on her mind and the LAST thing I want to do is make any woman uncomfortable.

    • All I read was: wouinnn wouinnnn, she texts everybody else but not meeeee wouinnnnn. At least she's talking to you. Maybe she just knows that you like her from already having asking her for her number and she just doesn't want to give it to you because she's afraid you'll contact her all the time. Since it doesn't appear as she likes you as more than a friend.

    • I don't even think she likes me as a friend, that's why I'm trying to bring this whole thing to an end and suggest to her that she should talk to her friends instead of me. What bothers me is the forced socializing, on both ends, even though I try to keep to myself.

  • She treats you the way she does because you put up with it.