Should I tell my sister?

Well, I met this guy on a dating site. And he asked me out. I'm unsure if I want to go out with him since our phone conversation was really awkward. I'm scared that he may think I'm boring because I don't know what to say, though he says that he does like me and wants to go on a date. Though I feel like he just likes the idea of being in a relationship, even though he denies it. My Parents have always encouraged my sister and I to share secrets together and have that close sisteryly bond. But Most of the time she's out, and when I do tell her about my crush, she's usually not supportive and thinks of me as a child. If I do end up going on a date, I'm afraid of telling her, even though I'm the closest with her. I want her to give me some relationship tips, but I'm scared she'll disapprove of the fact that I met him online, and probably tell my parents.


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  • I take it you're not really 18, then. I would tell her. Meeting people online doesn't have quite the stigma it used to.

    • im actually am 18..

    • Ok, at the end of the day you are an adult. You can make your own dating decisions. I think you can talk to her.


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  • you should tell her, I'm not trying to scare you but he could be a kidnapper or murderer you should at least tell someone where you are going... but don't worry about the relationship tips that is what this site is for! :D


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  • girl you better tell somebody. I really hope he's a nice guy and he's not a catfish.

    its just best to tell somebody about him and where you will be in case something happens

    i actually met my current boyfriend online, the first time I met him in person my parents met him too because he was older and they are overprotective. 2 years and 4 months later were still together.