Is it possible to date someone I cannot relate to?

So my problem is that there's this guy who likes me and I like him. We have completely different tastes in music, he's from a partying football friend group I'm from a "smart and nice" friend group. His friends all intimidate me because they all cheat on their gfs and have sex constantly, smoke, drink, and do drugs. The guy that likes me is sweet at times but we have a completely different senses of humor, he takes my sass as me being rude and his sense of humor creates really awkward situations in which I have no clue how to respond. Although, when were just talking normally we can have a pretty good convo. I'm not an awkward person at all but around him I feel so awkward because sometimes I don't understand if he's trying to be funny or serious. He says things like "you give the worst compliments" or he laughs at pots I make in pottery class. He has way more experience in terms of relationships but we both have different outlooks on a relationship. He places a ton of importance on a girls appearance which makes me feel like he only likes me for my looks and he seems to know the exact right things to say compliment-wise. In fact he usually dates girls that are wild partiers, and I'm not a partier at all and I'm more quiet but can be funny and outgoing once I feel comfy around someone. I'm more of a "personality makes him attractive" type of girl. I do like a good looking guy, like him, I just don't feel a stable connection with him. Its like sometimes I feel great talking and laughing with him, other times I just want to run away and hide its so awkward. He has cheated on one of his girlfriends before so It would be hard for me to even trust him.


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  • Sure you could date someone you cannot relate to but why would you want to? If you have very little in common you'd only be asking for a very awkward relationship to say the least. The more differences you have the more chances for misunderstandings. The more you don't understand each other the more you'll misunderstand each other. The outlook for a relationship between two people like that would be very poor with very little happiness involved. Much better to find some guy that you do relate to so that you have as many things in common as possible. When you're with a guy with similar interest you seem to be smarter and your outlook looks brighter and your attitude more positive. You'll have much more fun with a guy you can relate to than with one you don't. What do you possibly like about each other if you don't even relate to each other? Is it your looks that he finds attractive? Is it because you find his look appealing and his personality interesting. Outward attractions soon disappear and don't look at attractive anymore once your true selves start getting into the picture. I wouldn't recommend your dating him unless you don't mind your self-confidence taking a dive. You want a guy that builds you up and makes you feel great. I don't see that coming from a guy you don't even relate to. You'll be on Venus while he's on Mars. . .


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  • People are different and though it IS good to date someone that isn't exactly like you, sometimes that other person is just TOO different. If you already have the seeds of doubt in your mind about this kid, I don't think your future with him will be bright.

  • Of course, it's possible to date anyone who's willing to date you. But just because you can doesn't mean you should. If you can't relate to the person then I can't imagine that relationship going to well.