Why are there so many single attractive men on pof?

Sorry for caps but... I signed up as an experiment on plentyofish.com and withing 6 minutes I got 4 messages from cute guys! (No perv messages either!)

lol guess I was not too specific.

Admins delete this.


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  • PlentyOfFish is from Canada, not Nigeria. It was started by this guy named Marcus who started it in his spare bedroom.

    My wife and I met on PlentyOfFish almost 8 years ago. We've been married for over 6 years now.

    We would like to thank Marcus for starting his site.

    • There are con artist who actively hack the site and post phony profiles I am not stating the sites owner is involved in fraud however the site is hijacked 24/7 365 by people who steal money from unsuspecting Americans I think it's great your experience however their are many others who have not had such great luck and have had identity theft as a result of giving bank account information and hackers stealing it! Any set can be hacked dating sites are especially more vulnerable to hackers!


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  • tbh never look for anyone on POF most profiles on that site are foreign con artist trying to steal Americans money allot of them are from Nigeria, or South America the profiles are stolen identities and not the real users profile location, or way of thinking POF is a dangerous site for anyone but mostly single women stay away from POF.com!

    • omg lmfao Nigeria

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    • I believe part of what you're saying, of course any sketchy person can pretend to be someone they're not and try to get someone banking info, etc. But if it was really that big of a problem I don't think so many people would be on POF, and have success stories, this is the first time I've ever heard of this happening on POF.

    • It happens on almost every dating site you know how many scammers and fraud there is on dating sites and online in general billions of dollars worth of identity theft, and bank fraud take place annually it's not just POF but in general dating sites and their members are more easily fraudulently exploited more then most sites combined because they know people are in more vulnerable positions because of wanting to find that perfect partner they break trust and cross lines getting close to them!

  • Idk, why are there so many cute women on pof? I think the answer to both is, there are attractive people everywhere, and pof is a highly publicized site so they go there.

    • Lol, I think it's super funny how you, anonymous coward, and foodmakesmehappy, like to talk smack to someone they don't even know.

      Do you have that much hate in your heart? Or are you simply just that ignorant?

      As for my sexual preference, I'm only attracted to women, women with brains and compassionate, that leaves you three out :)

      Keep the hate comments coming :) I'm getting some good laughs from them!

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    • ahahahahahah YES SOMEONE ELSE JOINED

    • Im just glad you two stopped fighting! Michael you're too damn sensitive! Yes gay bashing is bad! Hate and prejudice is bad!

      And question asker you took it way too far! All the name calling and such. way too far. You two need to kiss and make up or just go into separate corners.

  • Four, is many? From my experience I know a lot of guys who've used it... more often than not they weren't actually single, and if they were it was for hooking up. Think I've known literally only one guy who has used it to get a serious date.

  • The better question is why are you complaining :)

  • Its a free site, you can chat with anyone without paying membership fees. I've found out it's better than the paying sites. So that mite explain what you have encountered.


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  • Why on earth would taken men be on POF? It IS a dating site.

  • And your question would be?

  • Because attractive people period are everywhere and some end up on that site