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Message or not to message him?

Met a guy online, we hit it off straight away so comfortable together. Kissing blah blah. Made a potential date for a few days times. Texted each... Show More

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  • I would think that if he was that easy to say he found someone else.There's a good chance he may do it again.Online dating tends to get people in the I wonder what else I can do mentality.You need to take peoples actions and not so much their word.Like right now you even said "sucked you in"sounds a little apprehensive on your part or gut instinct.Gut instinct or intuition is your friend .Listen to it and often.J B

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  • i think he's not sure - wait and see if he replies if he doesn't then it's probably his way of ending things.or you could reply

    • What would I say? Keep it cool or just say hey what's going on?

    • hey what's up?

  • I don't know if your atcually in your 30s or not but if you are and the guy is too that is really bad and you should run away now. He sound's like he acts like a high school boy. immature and indecisive and not knowing how to play the dating game property. You don't tell a girl you found someone else and then run back when it didn't work out. That shows you were the second choice and it seems to me that he's waiting for someone better to come along, he's not fully commiting himself to you because he thinks he can do better. I think if you waste your time chasing this guy its only gonna come back to bite you in the end.if you still insist on seeing this guy I think your gonma have to take a difference approach if you want him to commit to your eventually. Don't put all your eggs in one basket and by that I mean keep your guard up and don't let him see all the sides to you. He needs to know in order for you to open yourself to him there needs to be trust and trust is earned not granted. Don't let him think you need him let him think he needs you. Play a little hard and don't ever be complicated exspially if yu guys arnt complicated but don't take any the bull shit he tries to feed you. Your a women and you don't have time to play little games.

    • Again don't message him first wait untill he messages you

    • I've been in a relationship for 14 years. I'm outta practice!

  • Idk…this guy seems too wishy washy : /I don't think I'd message him. Let him contact you.

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