Message or not to message him?

Met a guy online, we hit it off straight away so comfortable together. Kissing blah blah. Made a potential date for a few days times. Texted each other a bit then, he cancelled saying he found someone else! Then 2 days after he apologised and asked if I would see him again after he had made a mistake. Stupidly I said yes and we hung out. Loads of chemistry but I kept a little distance not sure what might happen. Then third date. I met all his mates, he told me didn't want to date anyone else and one day he would want to be my boyfriend. Cool! But then I went away for a week and hardly heard from him. Then I got ill for a week. It's been three days now, and I don't know what to do, I would just leave it if it wasn't for all the stuff he said that sucked me in! Oh and he hasn't answered my fb friend request :(


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would think that if he was that easy to say he found someone else.There's a good chance he may do it again.Online dating tends to get people in the I wonder what else I can do mentality.You need to take peoples actions and not so much their word.Like right now

    you even said "sucked you in"sounds a little apprehensive on your part or gut instinct.Gut instinct or intuition is your friend .Listen to it and often.J B