Recent x girlfriend texts me a lot.

My x girlfriend texted me this morning. Told me that she dreamt of me. We had a conversation in this dream. And then tonight she asked if I was moving away. Told me that she doesn't want me to. Because then I'll stop talking to her and that would be the worst. And then she said as long as we're on the same page. What page is that... She's confusing me I have no idea what she wants


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  • To me it sounds like she's not done having feelings for you.


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  • She is not over you. By saying "as long as we're on the same page" she means, as long as you aren't miles away then both of you guys can keep in touch. Meaning that she does not want you out of her life, because she might be afraid that if you move then maybe there will never be a chance of her getting you back. But if you are sure that you will never go back with her, then my friend, you need to make that crystal clear to her. You really don't want to be dealing with a clingy ex girlfriend (:


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  • what the ladies already said.

    she wants you back. your next move should be based on if you want her back as well.