Should I cut and run or should I stick it out?

So here is the deal I have been friends with the same girl for years now it has gotten to the point that when ever we have time off we usually spend it together even if it means just hanging around the house or running errands. Anyway last summer a friend of hers set her up on a date and after a few dates the guy pretty much told her he just wanted to be friends then left our town. and for the entire time since the she has been hung up on him. However during that time we have gone out to a lot of functions including events at our church where people thought we were dating and there was no correction made same when older people would comment at stores and stuff. and even though she is hung up on him she talks about us moving in together

I know in some peoples eyes I may be taking the cowards way out by not telling her how I feel but its not that at all. I would just rather keep things the way they are and not know then be wrong and possibly lose her, plus this ways she is doing hat seems will make her happy


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  • I would suggest you created the context to ask her out officially. Because that "fear of losing her" is nothing compared to the day she'll leave you after finding someone else, if you don't man up a bit. Even more if you might move in together.

    Better to know where you stand, even if you fail, than waiting forever and then having regrets for the rest of your life. That's the choice of maturity.

    So try to make things a bit more romantic between you two and see where it goes. You know her well, she knows you well, so at least you won't have any interrogations, and either you'll be together, or you'll both move on with your lives.

    • I should know that regardless the guy is coming back to town and she was pretty excited


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  • I had the same situation with a guy friend growing up. I decided our friendship wasn't worth loosing if he didn't feel the same way. Now I'm happily married. The only thing that I'm confused about is why she wants to move in. If she is still hung up on him and she moves in with you to try to forget him, she may do things she might regret later and make everything awkward. Has she told you her reasons for wanting to move in?

    • no pretty much the first time I thought it was a joke and I kinda laughed it off but she did not however then she kept bringing it up but never really said exactly why

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  • It is really is a misconception to think that showing a girl you like her is going to negatively impact your relationship as a friend. In this situation I would suggest just telling her that you like her would be the way to go. If she's not into you then nothing will change and you will carry on as close friends. nothing to lose a lot to gain.